A way to escape

Here we are in week 10 of the Covid 19 lockdown. I found myself having panic attacks on the first week, every time I watched the news I felt sick and started shaking. On the second week I began to relax when I realised there was nothing I could do (apart from staying home to stay safe) and fate would take it’s course.

My partner and I were about to move to Devon when this happened so now we are waiting, still in Somerset. We are lucky we are in the middle of the Mendip hills and we have had some extraordinary sunny days. My partner is in the high risk group of catching Covid and I’m trying to protect him by staying at home (apart from walking around here of course)

So this is what I’ve been doing…

In late March I made a couple of images inspired by the Getty museum challenge.

I had moved out of my lovely studio on the day before lockdown and all my materials and furniture from the studio were crammed into my small shed. I couldn’t face trying to find my mosaic materials so I turned to drawing and painting as those materials were in the house and easier to access.

Hunkering Down
Icecream Monster

I noticed how people were getting a medieval mindset as the virus was something new and we don’t fully understand it. The conspiracy theorists were out in abundance and one of the ‘words of wisdom’ I heard was “don’t eat icecream or you are more likely to contract the virus! ” So me and my partner ordered icecream to test the theory. I’m pleased to say we didn’t catch covid on that occasion, however it was vegan icecream… would we have been covid free had we eaten dairy icecream I wondered?

I love conspiracy theories and I’m not immune to having a few myself about covid. The one I still can’t get out of my head is perhaps all of it is fake news, an elaborate plan to slow down climate change. But when I think of all the people who would have to be ‘in on it’ and all the money the government have given out to businesses it just doesn’t add up. No, this is real alright. I knew it would come soon, I have an apocalpytic imagination and I read the New Scientist.


These little paintings finally prompted me to rummage around in the shed to rescue some mosaic materials and make some little pieces.

You can see them in detail on my shop. There are a couple left to purchase.

Since then I’ve been making new winged insects, experimenting with different materials for wings, and making wild wire fairies.

But really I’m dreaming up ways to escape lockdown …

like travelling by dragonfly …

or flying by bumblebee …

Hopefully we will all be free again soon

Take Care 🙂

See these and more on my shop 😉

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