Summertime Blues

Wow, what a summer we are having! It is hot, hot, hot!

I made more bird baths to take to the Bishops Palace Garden Festival this year and some more Kingfishers and some Swallows and some Goldfinches. (The birds will be in the next post)

blue turtle bird pool
Blue Turtle Bird Pool

(stained glass, iridescent glass, glass rod, millefiori, German cabochons, gold leaf glass, glass nuggets, blue turtle bead)

As usual the bird baths are hand formed using wire and cement mixtures. (If you already have some mosaic experience you could come and learn how to make one of these on my mosaic sculpture course this weekend coming)

summertime blues bird pool
Summertime Blues Bird Pool

summertime blues bird pool from above

(stained glass, glass nuggets, iridescent fossil, silver leaf glass, millefiori, German cabochons, fused glass)

detail summertime blues
detail Summertime Blues

In this hot summer the birds need water. I have seen Goldfinches, Bullfinches and cats drinking from the bird pools! I’ve only managed to get photos of the cats!

Maisie and bird bath
Bishops Palace Cat “Maisie”
Maisie the cat and shell birdbath
Maisie trying another one
Pushkin cat at Blue Turtle bird bath
My cat “Pushkin” at the Blue Turtle bath
selection of bird baths
A selection of Bird Baths

Some still available, if you are interested in buying one, contact me or come and make one of your own at my upcoming workshop 4th and 5th September 2021  




    Oh! Such sweet delicies! 🙂 Nicely worked, Kate!

    Are they for sale?

      Hi Christine,
      Yes! Still some for sale including the two blue ones. More info here

    Your mosaics are just beautiful! They inspire me!

      Thanks Valerie, happy to inspire you!

    Are these for sale. I didn’t see any pricing

      Hi, I only have one available. It’s the shell one next to the shell one the cat is drinking from. £175 plus shipping

    These are all beautiful.. still, three years later!
    I have a box of mosaic tiles bought – ahem – some years ago and never quite managed to start a project. would love to try something like this. Are you running face to face courses at all, in the near future? I’m in London and I can’t remember where you are..?
    Many thanks

      Hi Jane, thank you. I’m based in South Devon now, I might run some face to face classes soon. If you want to sign up to my newsletter I can notify you if I do. Kate x

      Hi Jane, I have a new programme of courses and it includes making a bird bath . See them here

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