Mosaic Art and Friends in Chartres!

I have just returned from a long weekend in the beautiful city of Chartres, and a day in Paris.  My two teenage children accompanied me (luckily, or I would have got lost many times!) and we enjoyed an overload of mosaic art, architecture and history!

We stayed in an apartment overlooking the side of the cathedral next to the museum and awoke to the one note bell ringing each morning at 8 0clock. My mosaic art works Chorus at the Wake of the Sun and Unfinished Symphony were part of a prestigious mosaic exhibition in Chartres,  BAMM Rencontres Internationales de Mosaïque held in the Musée de Beau Arts.


view Beau Arts

Beau arts wall2
“Chorus at the Wake of the Sun” alongside work by Line Mortensen and Tracey Cartledge
at Beaux Arts
“Unfinished Symphony” alongside works by Helen Nock and Guilia Vogrig

Also showing at the BAMM exhibition, were mosaicists, Dugald Macinnes, Nathalie Vin, Norma Vondee, Patricia Lee,  Joanna Kessel, and Barbara Laws.
The museum is one of three venues for the event.

There are more works to see at Chapelle Saint Eman

Marco de Luca
Marco de Luca

and many more at Lycèe Fulbert where the Prix Picassiette is held. Here are a few favourites …

Christine Dalibert

Christine Dalibert

Chrystele Albertini

Chrystèle Albertini

Gary Drostle
Gary Drostle
Gerard Brand
Gérard Brand
Jeannot Leenen
Jeannot Leenen
Valerie Valet
Valerie Valet
Marie-Odile Laurent
Marie-Odile Laurent
Nathalie Vin
Nathalie Vin
Nicky Tudor
Nicky Tudor

These exhibitions are well worth visiting and continue until November 9th 2014.

And not far from the Lycée Fulbert is the Maison Picassiette, a house built and decorated in plates, oddments and glass inside and out from 1938 – 1964 by a man called Raymond Isidore!



Isidore's bed




It was lovely to meet some mosaic artists at the exhibitions and finally being able to put faces to works I have admired from afar.

I was also able to meet a friend made through facebook, a lovely lady who lives in Chartres with her children. She made us a delicious cake which we ate on the walk back to our apartment!

Thanks Feily!


me and Feily
Me and Feily and her two boys


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