The Beginning of the End

The penultimate mosaic in my book – soon to be published !

Whilst watching some incredible footage of a volcano I was inspired to make this one.

A scientist was standing on the edge, looking down into a huge boiling pit of lava.

As if looking into hell, and yet it was so beautiful.

There were bright golden patches in the boiling pit surrounded by red veins and black tar.

The volcano a metaphor for the end of the world.

I imagined that my birds flew out from each gold patch. After making a pastel sketch of the design, I realised how much like seeds or eggs the gold patches were. There was destruction and at the same time there was creation.

Beginning of the End pastel drawing

I decided to fill in the edges with black glass.

The Beginning of the End

Although it is hard to see there are bits of birds in the black. The wings have come apart from the bodies. Bits of birds in the dark

Bits of birds in the detail

Come back soon to see the final plates in my book.


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