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The Sky is Flying with Flock ‘n Roll!

I have been revisiting an idea I had in 2011 where I made three pieces of work for an exhibition called “Flocks” at the Craft Centre in Dartington, Devon.  You can see the 2011 works here
You can also read about my experiments using photoshop to get an idea of grout colour and how it might work here

And if you are still interested then you can see my animation here

Those pieces came about after spending a peaceful day on Priddy Moor on the Mendip Hills.
As I walked that day the sky was filled with the sound of larks singing, but as I looked into the sky I couldn’t see a single lark. It was as if they had blended into the sky; they made the sky the colour it was.

The Sky is Flying series

So here I am again cutting those bird shapes which I so love doing! Each work is a different sunset or a part of a sunset. While I work it is interesting to see how  the coloured glass works together. I try to replicate colours of the sky as much as I can but some combinations don’t work as I would expect them to and require a different shade which is sometimes quite a subtle change.   I love the glass with the copper fleck bringing that extra hint of sunset light into the pieces.

It takes a little time to assemble the birds so that there is as little space around them as possible, whilst at the same time allowing them to fly free!

You may notice that some of my titles contain titles and lyrics stolen from a few of my favourite rock songs.

See if you can guess what they are. Answers on a postcard to:

Red House,

Black Dog Road,

Solsbury Hill,

Tin Pan Valley

or leave a comment below!

(Btw, I am not really that old, but I was brought up with the sound of 60’s and 70’s rock songs that over the years have become one with the fabric of my being! And today there are very few musicians who can play as well)


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Birds Who Bring Sunset
Birds Who Bring Sunset
Flying Sunset
Flying Sunset
A Golden Winged Bird Passing my Way
A Golden Winged Bird Passing my Way
In Formation (the Code of Flying)
In Formation (the Code of Flying)
Amongst Birds of the Sleepy Red Glow
Amongst Birds of the Sleepy Red Glow

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