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Gathering Darkness

I collected another new piece of work  from my framers yesterday.  This is “Gathering Darkness”. It takes the idea from my Flocked series – How the Sky Becomes Blue and The Birds Who Bring the Dusk (see mosaics here)  into the night. It was also inspired by staring at Deep Sunset through the Woods (see mosaic here) and seeing those tree branches as huge black flying birds. This piece will also be displayed in the Frome Decorative Arts Exhibition (see exhibitions page for details).

Gathering Darkness

The mosaic is made with piastrina smalti, gold leaf glass and vitreous glass tile.

Here is a detail shot.

Gathering Darkness (detail)

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  1. It’s such a flow in Gathering Darkness. I can sense the birds flying….

  2. Good, if you can sense them, it means I am getting somewhere with my work! There is so much more than just visual impact that I want to communicate! Thanks Birgitta!

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