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Flying to Folksy

Last April I was out with my family watching the gliders at the Mendip flying club. It was very exciting seeing them being pulled into the air almost vertically with the aid of a wynch , then after the wynch hook dropped the glider finding balance and  floating gracefully up high into the air.

Well that day was extraordinary as along came three doves to join in with the celestial flight. I was lucky to get this great photo:

What don’t you believe me?  They are quite rare!  At  the moment they are migrating, West to Somerton, where some of them are temporarily roosting in the  Somerset Guild of Craftsmen’s “Courthouse Gallery” while they wait for good homes (and not just for Christmas!)

Others have gone a long way into cyberspace over to my new shop on “Folksy.com“.

If you decide to give one a new home, I can track their migration route, it’s always fascinating to know how far they fly!

There are other birds on my Folksy shop, and more to come. And if you like my extraordinary photo you can purchase greeting cards of it.

Happy Flying   v^v^v   x

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  1. ha ha, your business card is on my desk following me being in Shepton Mallet a couple of weeks ago, and i almost called you up to see if i could visit! Lots of mosaics in that neck of the woods, which my mother (who lives in Evercreech) had never noticed! a good excuse to head South again, me thinks…

    But love your doves…

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