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Sweat and Tears – part 9 – decision time!

I spent several hours trying to decide what tile to use for the background of my sculpture.  I originally thought I might use transparent glass onto coloured adhesive and the colour would change gradually from a dark brown skin tone to a pale pink.  But I scrapped that idea when I thought about how it might dilute the impact of the tears and all would merge together in a mass of fleshy lumps! Yuck!

I wanted to use a colour that would let the tears stand out well and I tried out some ideas.

I have these amazing thick glass silver tiles that look watery, sweaty even!

I layed some of them loose onto the background of the sculpture. But I thought they looked like chain-mail!


So I tried cutting them into tear shapes…

shaped silver tiles

but I thought it looked difficult to look at. It was too glitzy and confusing.

So I tried clear glass nuggets …

clear glass nuggets

It still seemed too much to look at, and I kept thinking about jelly fish…

Come back next week to find out what I choose and see the finished sculpture!


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