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A cold rain in the winter garden

Last year I made a video and an image for  an “Exquisite Corpse” style collaboration project called 6 x 6 Escape coordinated by curator Lauren Fancher. It was hoped that 60 participants would take part.

The final media performance (put together by Lauren) took place in Athens, Georgia, US on April 6th 2011. I think about 40 participants took part.

It interested me because of a fascination in Surrealism that I have had for many years, one that led me to research and write a final dissertation for an art degree in 1989.

The “Exquisite Corpse” was named by the Surrealists to describe a collaborative assemblage of pictures and words. Inspired by the Victorian parlour game of “consequences” (originally played using words or phrases  written on paper which was folded over to keep them secret, then passed onto the next player to build up a spontaneous story, and later using pictures where the players draw parts of the body, folding the paper each time to pass to the next player so that eventually a strange figure is made), the Surrealists would play variations of the game, which inspired collaboration, chance and spontaneity within their art.

This is the image (photo-montage) I contributed to the 6 x 6 Escape project. My assignment for this was called “Tears Falling”

Tears Falling
Tears Falling

My assignment for the video was called “a cold rain in the winter garden“. It had to be 6 minutes or less and take no more than an hour to make. I recycled some footage from my animation “Rain” and used some photos of icicles and the garden.

Come back soon for some exciting news about my animations.


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