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Behold the Lion!

At the end of last week I went to pick up a lion. (One of the more exciting aspects of being an artist!)

This lion was quite extraordinary – he was very quiet – in fact he didn’t move at all – but I am hoping I will breathe some life into him.

Here is John – he is an artist too and he has been delivering lions to various artists around Bath. Here you can see he has just helped me put the lion in the car.

Poor lion – all trussed up in bubble wrap!

So this is the story :

I am being sponsored by Zenith International to mosaic a lion for the Lions in Bath project. The project is like the King Bladud’s pigs project 2 years ago. 100 fibreglass sculptures are decorated and then displayed around the city of Bath for the summer. In the autumn they will be auctioned off, and a high percentage of the proceeds go to the chosen charities.

You can see more about the project on the Lions of Bath website

This is me in my workshed getting to know my new friend!

I think we will get on just fine – maybe a little fight over space from time to time!

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  1. It will be really interesting and exiting to see your progress with the lion. I know how long it takes me to make a 10x10cm piece of mosaic. Off course you have years of experience,however it’s still impressive.
    Good luck with your enterprise and my very best wishes. Birgitta

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