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Blodeuwedd (Flower Face)

I was inspired to make another owl after reading the Celtic tale of Blodeuwedd from the Celtic prose story  ‘The Four Branches of the Mabinogi’. 

Blodeuwedd owl

Blodeuwedd was the wife of Lleu Llaw Gyffes magically made of flowers by magicians, Math and Gwydion, since Lleu’s mother had cursed him and he was not able to have a human wife.

However she has an affair with Lord Penlynn and together they conspire to murder Lleu. When Lord Pennlyn strikes Lleu with a spear Lleu turns into an eagle.

As Blodeuwedd flees, Gwydion turns her into an owl, the most hated and despised bird in the bird kingdom.

Blodeuwedd was actually made of the flowers of meadowsweet, broom and oak, but I wanted to use bolder colours for this piece, perhaps to make up for the fact that I have very few flowers in my garden, even the geraniums aren’t flowering yet!

Flower face in flight

flying owl sculpture

Flower face owl landing

wing detail

The flowers and bees are made with copper wire, glue, nail varnish and acrylic paints, the cat is made of CAT!


You can buy Blodeuwedd on my shop right here

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    1. But Uncle Tree she is really real! As soon as I was adding the finishing touches she flew from my hands, out the door into the trees 😃

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