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Sweat and Tears – part 2

The next stage of the Olympic sculpture was to organise and order tiles. I want the sweat and the  tears to look as if they are on skin, so the tiles I choose are very like water glass tiles – they have a coloured base with thick clear glass on the top, and represent the colours  of skin from many different cultures.

I try out a few combinations  loose on the workshed table.

As I worked out some of the colour schemes, a new idea came to me about the sculpture. Instead of the tears being made up indirect and fixed onto the sculpture so that it was all smooth, I decided to make some small tears out of polystyrene and stick them onto the base, giving the whole thing a more organic feel.

But first it was necessary to work out how the finished sculpture would stand up, so I pushed a metal tube into the base of the tear so it can slide onto a rod which will be fixed to a heavy base.

Come back soon to see the next stage!

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