Mystic Fred of the Butterflies

As a way to relax and spend some time with my daughter after the Sweat and Tears project we made some butterflies for Eve Lynch’s butterfly project. Eve asked mosaic artists from around the world (through the power of the internet) to contribute butterflies for a nature wall in the Calusa Nature Centre in Florida. They were to be prepared on mesh and sent to her in the US, so she could install them straight onto the wall.

Me and my daughter, Daisy, made 2 each.

This is Daisy’s “Smiley Butterfly”

"Smiley Butterfly" by Daisy

And this is my “Leafy Butterfly”

"Leafy Butterfly"

And my “Sunset Butterfly”

"Sunset Butterfly"

And this is Daisy’s butterfly who had no name until just a minute ago when she said he was called “Mystic Fred” (? ….don’t ask!)

"Mystic Fred"

See Eve Lynch’s butterfly project blog here


    LOL. I installed Mystic Fred today. It does have a very mystical feeling about it. 🙂

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